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Vetiver Essential Oil

Pure & Natural Vetiver Essential Oil
Plant name: Chrysopogon zizanioides
Method: Distillation from plant root
Origin: Indonesia

Size: 10 ml

Price: Rupiah 90.000
Pre order for bigger size.


Mengapa tidak boleh menggunakan konsentrat pure essential oil langsung pada kulit ? baca artikelnya disini


Known otherwise as "khus oil" or "oil of tranquility", vetiver essential oil is acquired from a green, clumpy grass that commonly can grow five feet tall or beyond, called the vetiver plant. Vetiver belongs to same family of grasses with the likes of lemongrass and citronella, which are known very well for their essential oils.


Vetiver oil's sharp and earthy fragrance is recognizable as one of the popularly used components in mens' cologne.

Other usage of the distilllation of vetiver plant roots includes: soothing and grounding capabilities in holistic practices.


Researchers of a study published in 2016, stated that inhaling vetiver oil may improve both brain function and alertness. The oil may also support the brain when you’re struggling to focus, in order to feel more awake and remain alert.


The important compounds of vetiver are khusimene, delta-selinene, beta-vetivenene, cyclocopacamphan-12-ol (epimers A and B), vetiselinenol, khusimol, isovalencenol, khusimone, alpha-vetivone and beta-vetivone. The oil is amber-brown in color, and it’s described as a sweet, woody, and smoky fragrance.

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